25% of the PDF documents in a DMS are lacking a text layer

Organisations have invested heavily in document and e-mail management solutions and often in (universal) search solutions.

Still an average of 25% of the PDF documents in a DMS are lacking a text layer and are excluded from search results.

Qontent Reconcile updates documents

After automatic processing with Qontent Reconcile, a proper text layer is added. Documents are indexed correctly and show up in search results.

Furthermore, in-documents search becomes available, making documents usable.


Scheduled Processing

Background and scheduled processing, allowing administrators to ensure processing activities are done either instantly or overnight to reduce the number of resources used.


Detailed reportings allow administrators to view statistics around the number of crawled, analysed, and improved documents.

Add Text Layer

Performing automatic OCR on files that have no or incomplete text-layers, saving back the updated documents as a new version in your content repositories.

Crawl Repositories

Automatically crawls content repositories for PDF files with PDF attachments that have missing text layers.

Automatic Crawling Document Repositories

Qontent Reconcile will monitor your document repositories and automatically crawl new PDF documents and new versions. Added or modified content will then be analysed.

Testing For Missing Text Layers

Newly added documents and e-mails or modified files are tested for missing text layers. If a text layer is missing or incomplete, documents are marked for optimisation and submitted for OCR.

Adding A Text Layer (OCR)

Documents that are marked for optimisation are processed by the powerful Kofax OCR engine, which supports over 125 languages and optimised files are then submitted for saving back to the document repository.

Save Documents Back To DMS

Documents are saved back into the document repository as new versions and a document re-index is triggered automatically.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting provides insights in usage, average % document improvement, and handles exceptions.



Transform Data International provides enterprise information management consultancy services. This way we help organisations to structure their data in a proper format and ensure all documents are stored and indexed correctly in a central repository.


We provide services that cover all phases of implementation. Our proven, structured implementation approach is supported by strong project management, technical expertise, and flexible education along with our change management offerings.


We know the fastest, most comprehensive way to make your applications secure, efficient to use, and always available. Our application management team has the right skills and knowledge to support your IT team and business users 

Qontent Reconcile is a product of
Transform Data International.

Transform Data International is a professional services
company that resells and implements innovative
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Case Studies

Boels Zanders Advocaten

Boels Zanders is a full-service law firm, based in the south of the Netherlands with an international reputation.. Read More

Sika Group

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Organisations that trust our services

Authentication & Integration

Microsoft 365 integration

Qontent Reconcile is created to run on any Microsoft Azure environment and connect to the SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive for Business document repositories. Qontent Reconcile can retrieve the following non-searchable document formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TFIF, image PDF, or XPS. 

Modern Authentication

Qontent Reconcile uses the Microsoft Graph API to connect to SharePointQontent Reconcile accesses SharePoint/Graph using an application context, also known as app-only access or modern authentication.

Intapp Collaboration & Content Integration

Qontent Reconcile can connect to Intapp Collaboration & Content (previously Custodian for Legal) and ensure all workspaces are automatically being included in the Qontent Reconcile background scan process.

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