Case Study

Boels Zanders implements Qontent Reconcile from Transform Data International to improve their reliable search results 

Boels Zanders is a full-service law firm, based in the south of the Netherlands with an international reputation. With offices in Eindhoven, Venlo, and Maastricht, the firm services the day-to-day legal needs of entrepreneurs, business leaders and administrators of SMEs, large corporates, public sector, healthcare and non-profit organisations. Boels Zanders maintains its leading position in this fast-changing market by using IT to enhance its client service.

Boels Zanders Advocaten were already successfully using the Transform Data Custodian suite of advanced search (Qwickr) and Integration module (Qonnector) based on the Intapp One Place Collaboration & Content platform.

The Missing Piece

Boels Zanders’ lawyers were frustrated that non text documents such as PDFs were missing from their search results. A good and reliable search function with complete and accurate results is crucial because many business processes depend returned results. They pointed out that doing a conflicts search, or searching for knowledge, as two areas were accuracy was key. To resolve the issue Boels Zanders has chosen to run Transform Data’s Qontent Reconcile and the ability to run this in analysis mode

After installing the software at Boels Zanders, the software started to run in analysis mode in which +/- 100,000 PDF files were tested. Based on this, an analysis is made on the percentage documents that do not have an OCR layer, and are therefore not properly included in the search results. The installation, configuration and analysis was completed within 1 week, after which an extensive report was drawn up of the findings.

Analysis Run


The analysis run has shown that of the +/- 100,000 documents, a large amount of tested PDF files did not have an OCR layer so were being excluded from search results. Additionally, 60% of the tested PDF files had an OCR layer but the text layer was incomplete. Qontent Reconcile can optimise this by a factor of three, which results in far superior and accurate search results.

The analysis, that were shared in an extensive report showed clearly that the incomplete searches was justified due to an accurate text layer not being present.

Following the Analysis Run, Boels Zanders decided to use Qontent Reconcile for the optimisation of files in SharePoint and Teams. The software, that was already implemented, has been successfully used to optimise all PDFs and is now complete. Qontent Reconcile continues to actively monitor for newly added documents that will also be analysed and optimised where necessary. Now searching is reliable, complete and powerful across SharePoint and Teams.



“Last summer, we raised our problem with unreliable
search results to Transform Data. The quick response
from the Analysis Run to the implementation of
Qontent Reconcile ensured that we were quickly
provided with a product that made all our PDF files
visible in the search results.
We have had a good experience with Transform
Data, as we have already implemented several
products from them.”

Jos Meuwissen, IT Manager Boels Zanders Advocaten