Case Study

Sika Group optimises search functionality by implementing Qontent Reconcile and Qwickr

Swiss specialty chemicals group Sika has moved to Microsoft 365 to manage its legal department documents and e-mail internationally. As a result of implementing Custodian for Corporate Legal based on Intapp Collaboration and Content in 2021, Sika found that while the search function was very powerful, some documents lacked a text layer and were not included in search results.

Reliable Search Results

Sika’s legal department urgently needs a fast and reliable search function across its entire (legal) archive. As a result, Sika decided to optimise their documents even more and make sure that all possible results would be included in the search results.

As a first step, all documents and e-mails are stored in the legal matters in Custodian and for that reason, the legal team already has a single repository. It contains both e-mails and documents, making it easier to find information without having to search across different systems.

Microsoft 365 offers a powerful full text search function, as well as built-in language detection and stemming, which makes it an ideal document management system for legal documents.

“Since we’ve started using the Custodian solution, users have actively started to import both existing and new matters into the system. Using Qontent Reconcile and Qwickr maximises the search capabilities of Microsoft 365 and gives a major productivity boost to our legal team” 

Patrick Neill, Senior Legal Counsel

Full Azure set-up

Sika’s IT team wanted this solution to run completely within Microsoft Azure, without virtual or physical servers that require maintenance and are not as cost-efficient as Azure App Services, storage and databases. Together with Sika IT, the complete Qontent Reconcile solution was implemented completely within Microsoft Azure.

During the initial project in 2021, when Sika implemented Custodian for Corporate Legal, Transform Data’s Qwickr search tool had been deployed to all legal users. With Qwickr, users can now get even better search results as the documents are optimised in the background.

Combination with Qwickr

The road ahead

Innovation never stops and Boels Zanders is continuously looking to further optimize its environment for both internal users and clients. In the short term, the company expects to integrate its Neota platform into the Office 365 and Custodian for Legal solution, allowing  it to provide self-service applications, such as contract generators, to clients via SharePoint collaboration rooms and Microsoft Teams. “We’re enjoying the close collaboration with Transform Data and we’re pleased that they listen to us and to our users, trying to understand how they want to work and how they can be more productive,” concludes Nicole van
Rossum, Office and Process Manager, Boels Zanders. “By adopting solutions such as Qwickr and Qontext, we can ensure maximum added value and efficiency to our users.” 


“Transform Data Add-ons have been of great help to us. There are also other search tools available at the group level for the SharePoint content, but Qwickr is overall more convenient to use. The search performance is very good, results are accurate and the preview ensures we can easily scan results and action the correct documents”

Patrick Neill, Senior Legal Counsel at Sika